oh, a falta do que fazer...

rules: put your music player on shuffle, let the songs answer the questions.

1. what’s my mood like right now?
right now - the runaways (haha, zuou)

2. how’s tomorrow going to be for me?
vai embora - los hermanos (faz isso não...)

3. what kind of person am i?
growing up - fall out boy (é, faz sentido)

4. am i loved?
dear - maria mena (♥♥♥)

5. how can i achieve my highest potential?
the tourist - radiohead (devo encarar isso como uma sugestão...?)

6. what should i do with my life?
L.A. - amy macdonald (concordo!)

7. is everything going to be alright in the end?
i'll be there for you - the rembrandts (♥♥♥)

8. what is my best quality?
you keep me hanging on - glee cast (era pra ser "best", viu winamp?)

9. how does my sex life look?
mr. brightside - the killers (hahahahahahahhahahaah)

10. what’s the meaning of life?
down is the new up - radiohead (poxa, valeu pelo apoio psicológico)

11. what do people think of me?
hit the road and go - johnny cash (irra!)

12. would i make a good lover?
you picked me - a fine frenzy (isso quer dizer "não"?)

13. how crazy am i?
i like it rough - lady gaga (hahahahahahah, total sentido)

14. will i have a good life in general?
american wedding - gogol bordello (ok, vou encarar como positivo por ser gogol bordello)

15. can HE ever really love me?
it takes two - hairspray cast (é, né?)

16. can me and HIM ever be more than friends?
human - the killers (pra queimar minha língua...)

17. what’s going to happen to me this week?
hot n cold - katy perry (como toda semana é, na verdade)

18. where will i be a year from now?
o certo e o errado - cachorro grande (poxa, ajudou muito!)

19. what is my fondest wish?
último romance - los hermanos (mimimi ._.)

20. what is the love of my life doing at this very moment?
the little things - colbie caillat (fofinho...)

21. how did my parents meet?
my moves are white - cobra starship (???)

22. how will i die?
love will find a way - the lion king 2 (hahahahahahahah, morrer de amor, ui)

23. what song will be played at my funeral?
the pine tree - johnny cash and june carter (é... seria uma boa trilha sonora)

24. what will happen after i die?
like a rolling stone - bob dylan (DEPOIS de morrer, não ANTES)

25. what will i dream about tonight?
the game of love - michelle branch feat. santana (seria um bom sonho, anyway)

26. how does my media player feel about me?
the bad thing - arctic monkeys (deu pra notar)

o shuffle do winamp tava de rosca comigo! "down is the new up" saiu três vezes! mas enfim... só pra mostrar que estou viva, apesar de ter hemorragias no nariz e ter a cabeça pulsando. é, organismo, não foi dessa vez.

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